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- Features -

  • Deep economy and equipment simulation, allowing for many different considerations and approaches to any challenge you might face.

  • Randomized secondary objectives, where each mission can grant you wildly different secondary objectives, on your path to the primary one.

  • World map with different regions, each impacting the mission you're on in different ways, making mission selection an important aspect of your campaign.

  • Indulge in a little voyeurism, by following your favorite heroes, getting to know their names and achievements, seeing them grow from weakling to legend, to fall in battle or live to serve another day.

Encampment Outlined.png
  • Randomized maps and terrain, giving you freshly generated map each time you play a mission, where the terrain can either be with you or against you.

  • Modular building upgrades, where upgrading your buildings means choosing one module and excluding another, forcing you to asses the circumstances of your current scenario.

  • Bounties and spells, let you entice greedy heroes to assist in your objectives, and let you put your finger on the scale when it matters the most.

  • Heavy D&D feel, where dice rolls are used for everything in the game, changing the game in a purely cosmetic but soulful way.

We are still early in development and are currently working on a vertical slice.

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"You are the ruler of a kingdom, but you  don’t rule your subjects. Your influence is indirect, and you must build an ecosystem of shops and services for them to flourish in,or the entire realm will perish"

...that's the premise for King's Realm, our real-time strategy game  that does away with controlling units directly, and instead focuses on all the ways you can use decision-making to alter the outcome indirectly.



Located in Aalborg, Denmark, we're a small strategy game startup, though our ambitions are anything but.

Our aim is to compete with the biggest and brightest in the industry...not on budget, but on design and vision.

Concepts like integrity, transparency and freedom of ideas are important to us, and we want to be a contrast to the cynical stories you hear from the industry, about horrible working conditions and corporate greed.

Martin - Small Round.png

Martin Nejsum

CEO & Game Director

Atanas Round.png

Atanas Nikolov

Programmer & AI Specialist

Thomas Mikkelsen Round.png

Thomas Mikkelsen


Nanna Eldrup Round.png

Nanna Eldrup

2D Artist

Thomas Thimm Round.png

Thomas Thimm

2D Artist

Steffen Bjerregaard Round.png

Steffen Bjerregaard

3D Artist

Bjørn Hangel Round.png

Bjørn Hangel

3D Artist

Mads Round.png

Mads Kastberg

Sound Artist

Jacob Hallberg Round.png

Jacob Hallberg

Sound Artist

Andreas Rasmussen Round.png

Andreas Rasmussen

CGI Artist

Cover Photo.png


We are looking for more people to work on the game, across most disciplines. We are however all still working on a volunteer basis.

We are currently looking for a publisher to partner up with.

With that said, we always want to talk to anyone interested in the game, regardless of their background.

Thanks for contacting us!

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