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- Factsheet -


  • Foxhound Studios
    (Aalborg, Denmark, 2019)

Key People:

  • Martin Nejsum
    (CEO & Game Director)

Game title:

  • Broken Fury

Release date:

  • TBD


  • Steam


Press/Business contact:


- Description -


Blitz your way through war-torn Europe and establish Hitler's third reich, or band together with the rest of the world to stop him.


A turn-based strategy game where you're the leader of one of the 7 great nations during WW2, and it's your job to ensure the survival of your matter how.


  • Turn-based hex-grid framework, with the best inherent features from games like Civilization, but now with additional functionality for even more depth.​​

  • Comprehensive tactical combat, where field defenses, stealth, recon, terrain and elevation all are key aspects to use...or have used against you.​​

  • Inventory-driven unit customization, that let's you outfit your armies to suit your exact challenges and strategies.

  • Everything in the game has to be moved from one place to another, letting you optimize the logistics of your production and supply chains.​​

  • Cat-and-mouse espionage, where you conduct investigations to sniff out enemy spies, while trying to throw them off your own scent.

  • ​Government management, where you choose the technologies, national focuses and political advisors to give you the upper hand in the war.​​

  • Hearts and minds of your citizens, where you make them happy and obedient while propagandizing them to keep them zealous in wartime.​

  • Diplomatic building blocks, that let you create complex proposals for other nations, to foster strong relationships so you won't stand alone.

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- About us -

Located in Aalborg, Denmark, we're a small strategy game startup, though our ambitions are anything but. Our aim is to compete with the biggest and brightest in the industry...not on budget, but on design and vision. Concepts like integrity, transparency and freedom of ideas are important to us, and we want to be a contrast to the cynical stories you hear from the industry, about horrible working conditions and corporate greed. We're still early in development, and are all working on a volunteer basis in our spare time, until we can find funding for the game.

Our lineup is currently:

3x Programmers

2x 2D artists

2x 3D artists

2x Sound artists

1x Animator

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