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Privacy policy

By virtue of us using Wix as a platform, our legal policies are interwoven with theirs. As such, we mention below
what data we directly collect and use, and then defer to Wix' own privacy policy and terms of use.

1. Newsletter

When signing up to our newsletter, we use your first name to address you properly, and your email address to deliver those newsletters to you. The time period between newsletters may vary, and some periods may be extra busy, e.g. around game release. The newsletters may contain content that promotes our games, our company or is otherwise related to game development.

2. Contact Form

When contacting us, we use your email to respond to your messages. We might write you later on as well if there is a reason relevant to the previous messages.

3. Data Inquiries

If you have questions or requests about the data we have from you, use the contact form on the main page to get in touch with us.

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